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About Us:


Thanks to the generosity of the Cape May County Freeholders, The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office Community Outreach Unit introduces its mobile outreach vehicle “Hope One” of Cape May County in partnership with the Cape May County Department of Human Services, Cape Assist Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success, Cape Counseling Behavioral Healthcare Services, Cape Addiction Recovery Services (CARES) and (ARCH) Access to Reproductive Care and HIV Services Nurse employed by the South Jersey Aids Alliance.


Hope One will travel periodically each week to locations throughout Cape May County, bringing addiction services to persons in need. A County detective, licensed clinician, certified peer recovery specialist, and nurse who understands the needs of those suffering from addiction staff the vehicle. They are able to provide clients immediate access to services and treatment facilities, putting them on the road to recovery and wellness prior to having contact with the criminal justice system and even avoiding an overdose, which oftentimes sadly results in death. In addition, Naloxone (referred to as Narcan) training is administered on-site, and kits are provided to family members and friends of those suffering from opioid addiction upon completion of the training.


What is the purpose of Project: Hope One?


The vehicle will park and set up refreshments in an effort to encourage those in need of services to approach the vehicle. The vehicle is intended to provide a comfortable, stigma-free setting, which will allow the program to effectively make contact with and provide services to individuals who have had difficulty navigating the journey of accessing appropriate services in the past prior to having negative contact with law enforcement or worst overdose from these dangerous drugs. This new approach delivers help in a unique way, blending law enforcement and social services to bring hope into communities. This will allow for more interaction with people on the street and the ability to connect with individuals suffering from addiction, in different communities within Cape May County.


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